Billy Joel and Wife Alexis Roderick Are Expecting

Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick are getting ready to welcome a new baby to the family.

The news of the couple’s impending arrival comes courtesy of a recent interview with the Belfast Telegraph, which quotes Joel as saying Roderick is due to give birth in November. The baby will be the couple’s second; their first, 2-year-old Della Rose, arrived shortly after their summer 2015 wedding.

Joel, who turned 68 in May, will be experiencing new fatherhood for the third time. His oldest child, artist and musician Alexa Ray Joel, was born in December 1985, nine months after his marriage to his second wife, model Christie Brinkley. The prospect of facing all those sleepless nights all over again might sound daunting, but Joel told the Telegraph he’s ready; pointing to Della Rose during the interview, he noted, “This one is pretty good. She sleeps through the night. I hope the next one will.”

More recently, the New York Post spotted Joel out eating “with a few male pals,” reporting that after a fellow diner congratulated him on the new baby, he offered his thanks, adding, “But it isn’t here yet.”

Joel’s long-running residency at the Madison Square Garden — which, as he recently announced, he’s extending into 2018 — makes it easier to stay closer to home, where he told the Telegraph he contents himself by spending time with Della Rose. “I hang out with her and watch her little wheels spin,” he told the paper. “And she’s a hoot. She’s a funny kid. She loves to laugh. I like to make her laugh.”

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